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THURSDAY , JUL 4 , 2024 - SUNDAY , JUL 7 , 2024

4-Day General Admission Ticket:

  • 4-day access to Playtime Festival 2024
  • Enjoy performances of 250+ artists on 14 stages
  • Able to purchase 70+ food products and services

In order to purchase this product, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. After purchasing the ticket, if the festival is canceled due to the organizer, the ticket can be transferred to the next year or refunded at the purchase price. Refunds will not be accepted except as specified in the ticket conditions. In case of cancellation due to the organizer of the festival, the ticket buyer has the right to receive compensation within sixty days and in the form determined by the organizer. Refunds will not be issued, except in cases specified in the ticket conditions and through the process outlined by the organizer.
  2. If the festival is canceled due to force majeure, the ticket price will not be refunded, and the ticket will be carried over to the next year. Force majeure covers a natural disaster, earthquake, flood, war, rebellion, fire, explosion, emergency, accident, unforeseeable delay, official suspension of public service or administrative organization, sabotage, or government ban that prevents the performance of the festival in whole or in part.
  3. The festival does not guarantee the authenticity of the ticket If the e-ticket is not purchased from an official point of sale. The Festival shall not be liable for any loss of e-ticket confidentiality due to the Ticket Holder's negligence. Tickets are only validated by their QR code, and the validation process requires unique codes for a single ticket. Any other ticket with the same QR code presented later will be valid.
  4. At check-in, we will check your ID card, scan the QR code on the ticket, and give a wristband. Since the code will only be read once, it is the ticket holder's responsibility to ensure confidentiality. If the QR code is duplicated or fake, you will not be able to enter. Tickets are non-refundable. No refunds will be issued. The ticket can be improved or upgraded. Duplicated use of festival wristbands is prohibited. There will be no refunds for wasted or broken festival wristbands. Festival wristbands will be checked at all times of entry and exit.
  5. The festival is open to all ages. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 12 years old are admitted free with a guardian. Pets are not allowed on the festival grounds. For security reasons, food, water, beverages, alcoholic beverages, and other items are not allowed to be brought from outside of the festival grounds. The ticket holder is responsible for their personal belongings.
  6. All people will be screened at the entrance. The organizer has the full right to ban, release, or refuse to re-enter a person or a group from the Festival area, who fails to meet the requirements or violates the rules of the festival to enter the festival area. The organizer is not responsible for confiscating prohibited items.
  7. During the festival, there will be professional security officers, emergency doctors, and police officers who will provide professional services. Participants who do not comply with any requirements of the security service, which aims to organize and maintain order, will be released from the festival area.
  8. In case of violence, disturbance to the peace of others, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, or violation of festival regulations, participants will be expelled from the festival grounds. Only festival organizers have the authority to grant entry to participants.In the event of leaving the festival premises and ticket confiscation, re-entry and ticket compensation will not be provided.
  9. During the festival, if the photos and videos documented by the official creative team of the festival organizers include the faces of the participants, the participants will not be allowed to block or exercise other rights. If the face of a child under the age of 16 is recognizable, festival organizers are responsible for obtaining consent from parents or guardians for advertising use.
  10. The ticket holder is responsible for adhering to the rules of the festival upon entering the festival grounds.
  11. Date of the festival, participating artists and agenda is subject to change


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